Sunday, 23 August 2009

Home Alone

Himself and son No. 2 took off for a weekend's fishing in Norfolk on Friday afternoon leaving me to the luxury of a quiet few days writing...not to mention slobbing around, catching up on daytime TV and staying in bed until 9am! For someone who's up at around 6.30 five days a week, that was a real treat.

Mind you, son no. 3 did wake me this morning to let me know a Man of War had been spotted on the beach. In case I was in any doubt, he stressed he meant the jellyfish-like creatures that can deliver a potentially deadly sting and not a terrorist stalking the sands with an AK 49. Yes, thanks, Adam but that didn't make it any easier to go back to sleep. Bad enough I worry about my kids every time they get in the car/go for a night out/indulge in extreme sports etc., I now have the added worry of jelly fish attacks!

But back to the writing - I'd posted off 2 re-hashed stories to Take A Break on the Friday morning thinking I'd get at least one complete story done by today but all I've managed are 3 weak beginnings that fizzled out when I realised they were becoming predictable. Never mind, I'll put them aside with the other 100 or so 'started' stories and look at them afresh some other time.

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Olivia Ryan said...

Annoying, isn't it, how we can't always produce as much work as we expect to, when we've got some nice free time to do it in - but when there's loads of stuff going on in our lives and we can hardly spare 5 minutes to get on the computer, the words come pouring out and we don't want to stop!

But I'm sure you'll be able to use some of those beginnings in due course.