Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Quick Update

Still a lot of angsty stuff going on in my life - or rather in the life of those around me - which means I spend less and less time updating blogs and doing any writing in general. Strange thing is I'm not missing it. Perhaps I needed a break from it, who knows. But, I still keep sending stuff out. Not new stuff, but stories that I've been unable to sell, or ones whose contract has ended with a particular mag and can now be tried overseas.

Anyway, after a day's editing and re-jigging, I got 2 sales last week. 1 to The Weekly News and the other to That's Life!Fast Fiction, Aus. Both are twist in the tales with a ghostly influence.

What else's been happening? Oh, crikey, almost forgot (how did I forget the most important thing that's happened here? I told you my head was all over the place) my daughter, Amy has got engaged to her boyfriend, Tom. He proposed on 4th July at the top of the London Eye. And he went down on one knee, hence the reason he looks a bit short in this photo when actually he's around 6'7"!

Note the guy in the background oblivious to this momentous occassion. Apart from Amy's brother, Russ, and his fiancee, Maria (who were in on the surprise)there were some American tourists in the pod, none of whom said a word. Amy had a fit of the giggles and had to be reminded that she needed to reply to Tom's question of 'Will you marry me'. She said, 'Yes'. No date set as yet. Russ and Maria get married in Vegas next year so you never know, maybe there'll be a double wedding! There again, I have 2 other sons who might join the Betrothed Club. Gawd, 4 weddings...gasp!