Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I'm Back

Not that I've been anywhere. My Broadband connection threw a wobbly shortly before Christmas. Sky said it was an internal fault with our wiring, then the router took the blame, then BT said it was an error at the exchange. You know how it goes. Anyway, think I can safely say it's sorted and still we don't really know what the problem was. I do know it cost us - new wires, even new telephones. They did need changing I must admit.

So, what have I been up to? Well, we had a great Christmas get-together with the family. Played the Cranium Wow board game. Brilliant game! Even my 80 year old dad joined in. Here he is acting out his clue - 'auctioneer'!

Even funnier was Mum acting out a cat walk model using Dad as the model!

Below is some of the family ever so slightly intoxicated at this stage ;0)

New Year's Eve was rather dull in comparison. The kids all had their own parties to go to so Himself and I sat on the sofa and munched our way through a tin of Roses. Is it me or have they changed the assortment? Where was the coffee creme? And the toffee penny. Or are those from Quality Street? Dur!

Can't believe it's all over for another year. Back to getting some fiction written. I started something yesterday but my heart wasn't in it. Got a few more ideas but nothing that's begging to be written.

I've sent an email chasing a submission I sent to Take A Break back at the beginning of August. Norah can take up to 16 weeks sometimes but I've spoken to a couple of other writers who also sent July/Aug and they haven't heard either so maybe a batch simply disappeared behind the office gin cupboard...erm I mean photocopier. Or maybe they're lost in the post. Or an office junior neglected to let us know they were declined - so much nicer word than 'rejected' don't you agree! Either way, I need to know so I can send them elsewhere. Possibly with a tweak they can go to Woman's Weekly. There's also the possibility she's saving it for a future issue but I doubt it.

I'll leave you with a pic of my patio taken yesterday. It's stopped snowing now and the sun's shining. Hopefully we'll get a melt so I can get the car off the drive tomorrow and go shopping. Oh, and nearly forgot - Happy New Year! x

PS - I spent my Christmas cash on a Nintendo DS and have completed Prof Layton & Pandora's Box!! My kids think it's hysterical their old mum is hooked on gaming.