Saturday, 22 August 2009

For no other reason...

...than they're pretty! Isn't this modern arrangement gorgeous? They were a birthday gift from my daughter. The roses were from Himself, the lily bouquet from my parents and the spiky plant was from my brother.

Thing with flowers is, the moment they come into my possession, they start to wilt. No, seriously, I mean within hours they start to droop even though I do all the right things like, you know, cut the stems on the slant, add flower food...someone suggested a dash of lemonade helps to keep them perky but the only place lemonade works for me is in a vodka.

I should probably stick to artificial or dried flowers, but they're dust-gatherers...well they would be in my house. And aren't they supposed to be bad feng shui? Apparently not if you keep 'their energy fresh'. If they accumulate dust (or dog hairs) then they'd emanate dried and lifeless energy and there's enough dried lifeless energy around here thank you!

I love the way the bright orange spike on this plant matches the pot. Apparently they come in reds and purples too. The label says to water it from the top so that the moisture settles in the leaves not on the soil. This might ensure its survival because the soil in all my potted plants tends to go mouldy and smelly - victims of my over-enthusiastic watering technique!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's my birthday today!

Yes, today, the 18th August I'm...not telling! I had my birthday celebration on Sunday - the family took me out for a Chinese meal at The Flaming Dragon in Sheffield, just opposite the Arena. It's buffet-style with everything you can imagine...and some things you couldn't. The photo on the left is of me and mine though I've just realised my son Adam and his girlfriend Joanne are missing - I think they'd gone up to the buffet for dessert. Pity my eldest son Russ and his partner Maria weren't there but getting the whole clan together when they live in different parts of the country is difficult. Still, they sent me a lovely gift and Russ called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Oh and he bought me a mini voice recorder key fob that'll come in handy for when I'm out and about. Quicker than getting out the jotter.

At the end of our meal, about a dozen waiters sang to me and gave me a joke birthday cake which even had a candle on the top! Nice touch isn't it? Bit difficult dividing it between 10 though!

Today I'm having a quiet day writing. Mum's called with flowers and a pot plant from my brother. If only the sun would come out, my day would be complete. Still, you can't have everything.