Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mini mystery

I've come to the conclusion that writing a mini mystery is incredibly difficult. First there's the crime, a minimum of 3 suspects and then the resolution all in 800 words or under. Then a 6 mth wait to see if it passes muster with a US editor. Why am I bothering?

Well, probably because it's a challenge. I've got most of it down today but keep going over the word count and my solution is as long as the actual story - not sure that should happen. And I have a feeling there's more than one story going on. What I mean is, I think it's over-complicated. I could maybe lose one of the elements and it'd still work...maybe.

Not much other news. I've had a bit of a brainstorming session and managed to get a total of 8 stories back out there. Still awaiting on the novel but will probably not hear anything till after Christmas.

Argh! The dreaded 'C' word! Shudders! Well you'd be shuddering too if your other half was in the butchery trade. himself is already looking out the turkey posters and I've been instructed to print out the leaflets advertising our 'Bumper Yuletide Hampers'.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. After all I'm working 5 mths ahead myself on New Year ideas and even Valentine's Day stuff. Where does the year go? Huh?