Friday, 5 November 2010

My Weekly

I got a sale from Maggie Seed at My Weekly yesterday. It's for a story she's been hanging on to for a while. I'd forgotten about it to tell the truth so it was a nice surprise. It'll be going in the 2012 Annual, available next October, I think. Seems a long way off but the good thing about My Weekly is that they pay on acceptance.

I do like the way MW has what they call their 'Inspiration Gem' at the end of the shorts. A simple 25 word note from the author on where the inspiration for the story came from. For some reason I always find this difficult. Probably because I want to waffle on. But anyway,this particular story was inspired by my addiction to watching TV make-over programmes. Which reminds me, I must set the Sky box to record 60 min Make-over this afternoon!

Click the link to buy from Amazon: My Weekly Annual 2011

Wedding Talk

Did I mention my daughter and her fiance 'won' their wedding day? It was a radio phone-in competition in association with a well-known hotel chain. It all seemed too marvelous - a free wedding! Trouble is, the hotel doesn't have a registrar's license for a civil wedding, nor can it accommodate 120-plus guests so sadly they've had to turn down the prize. Bit disappointing. And in my opinion, a bit stupid of a hotel to be advertising weddings if they can't come up with the necessaries. Lots of couples want civil ceremonies these days and don't want to be switching between venues.

Anyway, fate being what it is, they've found another and much better hotel in The Sitwell Arms, Renishaw. Unlike the prize venue which was basically an ugly structure more suited to its general use as a conference centre, this place is very traditional with a lake, gardens and orchard. Just perfick!

It's family run and they have a great package deal which includes the cake, photographer, videographer, wedding breakfast, evening buffet, disco and lots of extras besides. There's even 50% off the wedding dress! We met the wedding coordinator the other night and she was very helpful and after sleeping on it, Amy and Tom have fixed a date for January 14th 2012. What with my son's Vegas wedding in October 2011, we can't wait!

That reminds me, Jill Hassall, a writing buddy, has her book out now. Click the link to buy from Amazon.The Greatest Guide to Your Dream Wedding (Greatest Guides)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Bit late but thought I'd post a few pics of the pumpkins carved by my daughter, Amy. I prepared them by scooping out the flesh and this I made into 3 pumpkin pies (2 with pecans)

and a big bowl of spicy soup. Jacket spuds with chilli completed the Halloween night!

Lazy Blogger

Yes, I know, it's been a while since I blogged, but I have an excuse...when I can think one up!
There's been a bit of heartache in our family of late and I think that's mostly to blame for my pathetic output. Weirdly, stress used to spur me on. Made me scribble furiously to put the bad things to the back of my mind but these days I seem to be overwhelmed with thoughts other than of a fictional kind. Once in a while a character will break through the fog and I'll scribble a few lines but that seems to be about all I can manage. This sort of thing has happened before so I'm not too concerned. Crap happens. I'll get over it.

So, now I've got your pity, what else has been happening here? Well, the family had a great weekend in Derbyshire last month. We took a 6 and a 2 berth tent and pitched up on a lovely campsite just outside Hope. The weather report gave showers. Ha! Bring it on!

After a late night walk in pitch darkness, aided by Google for navigation (thank you iPhone) we found a tiny pub crammed with other ramblers. The only seats were on the roof terrace beer garden where we sat watching the stars and giggling ourselves silly over what type of fart gives the best comedic effect!!

Back at the tent we found it slightly flooded but hey-ho all part of the fun. A few bottles of wine, cans of beer and Scotch eggs later we retired to our sleeping bags. Only to be awoken at around 2am by a fox munching on our left-overs! Too tired (drunk) to care we just turned over and slept till morning.

It rained most of that weekend but it didn't stop us exploring Castleton and visiting The Devil's Arse, aka Peak Cavern.

Tom even had a go at rope making.

Great fun and I can't wait until the spring when we can do it all again. But maybe without the rain!