Thursday, 15 April 2010

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau comps

Thought you might like the details of the new JBWB SUMMER 2010 COMPETITIONS

including the poetry comp.

There's also the NEW 'chuckle bonus' for poetry entries. As Jenny says:

We all need a lift in these depressing times, and this quarter, JBWB will add a £20 bonus to your prize, whether you come first, second or third, if your poem also provides us with the broadest smile, longest chuckle or deepest belly laugh. So consider this when you write, and see if you can add some humour to brighten up our days...

The latest competition prize-winning stories and poems can be found here and here

I know I haven't been blogging of late but there's been so much domestic stuff going on I've neglected to update. I'll be back soon as I've got my latest attempt at a serial off to My Weekly!