Thursday, 2 December 2010

Enough, already!

Are you sick of the snow yet? Have you even got any?
I'm housebound for the 3rd day running. It's at least 3 feet deep here in Worksop (and a lot more where it's drifted) and my wee boots only come over my ankle so I'm not venturing outside.
I have fresh milk and milk powder in the store cupboard and I bake my own bread (ciabatta in the oven as I type) so this, coupled with a freezer stuffed to the gunnels (or should I write gunwales??) with Christmas goodies means I can feed the two of us at least until Easter! Even if it is prawns in filo for every meal.
This is the view from my window yesterday. It's even deeper today!
Normally, I'd treasure the time to get some writing done but nothing's flowing at the moment, so I'm filling my day with other activities like:

Cleaning the house from top to bottom
Clearing out the kitchen cupboards and fridge of last Christmas's now-grossly-out-of-date pickles, ready to re-stock with similar - why do I do that?
Sorting out bedlinen for guests over Christmas
Dressing the mantelpiece with a ribbon garland and reindeer - going for a purple/ jewel theme this year - though I draw the line at putting up the Christmas tree. I'm not that bored!

And talking of the tree, is it only me who goes into a flap each year about where to place it? It ought to go next to the fireplace, but if I do that, it obscures the view from the two-seater sofa to the TV. I mean, it's terribly important that I get to watch Moorecambe & Wise Special and all the Christmas soap episodes without jingle bells and gingerbread snowmen interrupting my pleasure.

Okay, so best move the sofa where exactly? And what about the side table and lamp? That'll have to move too. And all my ornaments displaced by cherubs and Santas?
It would be far easier to put the tree in the corner by the window, opposite the TV Except that space is occupied by Himself's precious Lazyboy recliner and you touch that on pain of death! Seriously, no-one moves the Lazyboy. I think Himself is planning to be buried in it.

But back to the tree, one year I lopped the top bit off it and stuck it on the windowsill but everyone moaned it wasn't a proper Christmas without full bauble overload. And while I'm on the subject...anyone else hate tinsel? I'm all for a bit of glitter and sparkle but I can't stand to see yards of tinsel draped over picture frames and around every door jamb. Especially the skinny sort that looks all crushed and apologetic. We once had a cat who ate some tinsel. Interesting outcome!

Ah well, this post has passed a few minutes. Time for another coffee and a dip into the Cadbury's Heroes tin. I'll leave you with a few more snowy pics.

My patio!

Who buried the car?