Saturday, 2 December 2006

On the 2nd day of Christmas...

...I trimmed the fireplace hoping I can convince the kids it's enough decoration chez Houghton and we really don't need a tree. Why don't I want a tree? Cos I have 14 coming for Christmas dinner which means moving around the furniture which won't fit anywhere except where it is...if you know what I mean.

A tree would take up valuable space, I insist, but realise the moment I leave the house, the tree will be rescued from the cupboard under the stairs and given pride of place, where it will gather dust and dog hairs until it looks like it has its own coat as in this pic from last year.

Bah, Humbug!

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

I'm not a lazy blogger...

For some bizarre reason I've been locked out of my own blog and when I do manage to sign in and NO I do NOT have more than one account and yes I have tried every which way to get in thank you very much Mr Blogger FAQ NO Help At All!
The bar at the top which I need to click to get onto Dashboard has disappeared and when I do manage to get it back and click Dashboard - oh, I really can't be bothered. So, if I disappear again, you'll know it's not deliberate!

As it's been so long since my last post there ought to be loads to tell..there isn't...much.

On writerly matters:

  1. I sent out 8 short stories (re-edited old ones) to the womags
  2. I finished reading James Herbert's The Secret of Crickley Hall - super book!
  3. Started reading Stephen King's Lisey's Story
  4. I sent my novel to 2 more agents - still haven't heard back from one who's had it 4 mths.
  5. Wrote a few more paras of the newest novel
  6. Wrote 2 new short stories - not sent out as in first draft
  7. Banked a cheque from Take a Break
  8. Received my contributer's copy of Woman's Weekly with a story of mine in.
  9. Finished crits from my writing course
  10. Received grateful feedback for my crits - so nice to get feedback whether grateful or not!

Other stuff going on in my life:

  1. Started a crash diet in an effort to get into same party dress as last year - is it possible to lose 2 stone just drinking Actimel??
  2. Finished Christmas shopping
  3. Stocked freezer with party food
  4. Bought more plates/dishes as I've extra people coming this year
  5. Bought a few new decorations despite having far too many already
  6. Dropped hints as to what I want for Christmas (boooks, books, and books!)
  7. Got a haircut