Tuesday, 28 November 2006

I'm not a lazy blogger...

For some bizarre reason I've been locked out of my own blog and when I do manage to sign in and NO I do NOT have more than one account and yes I have tried every which way to get in thank you very much Mr Blogger FAQ NO Help At All!
The bar at the top which I need to click to get onto Dashboard has disappeared and when I do manage to get it back and click Dashboard - oh, I really can't be bothered. So, if I disappear again, you'll know it's not deliberate!

As it's been so long since my last post there ought to be loads to tell..there isn't...much.

On writerly matters:

  1. I sent out 8 short stories (re-edited old ones) to the womags
  2. I finished reading James Herbert's The Secret of Crickley Hall - super book!
  3. Started reading Stephen King's Lisey's Story
  4. I sent my novel to 2 more agents - still haven't heard back from one who's had it 4 mths.
  5. Wrote a few more paras of the newest novel
  6. Wrote 2 new short stories - not sent out as in first draft
  7. Banked a cheque from Take a Break
  8. Received my contributer's copy of Woman's Weekly with a story of mine in.
  9. Finished crits from my writing course
  10. Received grateful feedback for my crits - so nice to get feedback whether grateful or not!

Other stuff going on in my life:

  1. Started a crash diet in an effort to get into same party dress as last year - is it possible to lose 2 stone just drinking Actimel??
  2. Finished Christmas shopping
  3. Stocked freezer with party food
  4. Bought more plates/dishes as I've extra people coming this year
  5. Bought a few new decorations despite having far too many already
  6. Dropped hints as to what I want for Christmas (boooks, books, and books!)
  7. Got a haircut


plumpgoose said...

This year, we be mostly doing Green Decorations... mag-paper-chains and threaded popcorn [!] but only because these days poor old doggy can't jump up and chomp them to bits!

Lisa Main said...

Ah but will the hints work? I could beat certain people about the head with catalogues containing pictures of things I'd like/need and they'd still say "we didn't know what to get you"