Thursday, 16 November 2006


I've been doing some critiques this week - short women's fiction, um, I mean short fiction for women. See how my brain's seized up? No, actually, I have to say it's been very rewarding and I've discovered an awful lot about my own writing from doing it.

I've also discovered if I sit at my desk for 6 hours at a time and drink too much coffee I hallucinate and start imagining all sorts of frightening things. For instance, I thought I heard someone say Woman magazine has stopped running short fiction. I was tripping, obviously. What? Huh? It's true!!!!

Got 2 sales last week, and a fat cheque from Take A Break has paid off my Christmas presents overdraft.

The new novel is stuck at 14,000 words and I'm seriously wondering if I haven't plagurised James Herbert's latest...his written far better, obviously - I kneel at your feet and kiss your hairy toes, oh Scary One.

Here's a photo of me editing out all the similarities.


Caroline said...

Have you seen the letter in the current Writers News from the huffy short story writer? He's sold to Woman and in her reply, Diana Cambridge has advised him to concentrate on them as he's been successful there - nice timing ;o)

Penny said...

LOL - that picture! Is that really you under all that paper ;-) I feel like I know the feeling....

Doll Weller said...

Great to see someone who actually writes for the womags doing crits rather than random 'writing tutors' whose credentials start and end with the parish newsletter. keep it up Robyn, you've got a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer them there students.