Friday, 5 November 2010

My Weekly

I got a sale from Maggie Seed at My Weekly yesterday. It's for a story she's been hanging on to for a while. I'd forgotten about it to tell the truth so it was a nice surprise. It'll be going in the 2012 Annual, available next October, I think. Seems a long way off but the good thing about My Weekly is that they pay on acceptance.

I do like the way MW has what they call their 'Inspiration Gem' at the end of the shorts. A simple 25 word note from the author on where the inspiration for the story came from. For some reason I always find this difficult. Probably because I want to waffle on. But anyway,this particular story was inspired by my addiction to watching TV make-over programmes. Which reminds me, I must set the Sky box to record 60 min Make-over this afternoon!

Click the link to buy from Amazon: My Weekly Annual 2011


Martin H. said...

Excellent news, Sue.

Karen said...

I often get ideas from reality shows, but don't tell anyone :o)

Great news about the sale.

Sue Houghton said...

A People's Friend story based on a Jeremy Kyle maybe not ;0)