Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wannabe a Writer We've Heard of?

Well, of course, you do. I know I'd like my name to trip off the tongue.

Lady in hair salon: 'Sue Houghton? Isn't she that highly-talented author of mega best-selling novels?'
Stylist: 'Yes. She comes in here you know. So witty and charming'

Um, er, sorry, got a bit carried away there. But, seriously, have you ever thought what happens AFTER you get the call from your agent (agent? What agent?) to inform you of the three-book deal with Publisher & Publisher? Well, if you don't have a clue, then buy Jane Wenham-Jones' Wannabe a Writer We've Heard of, published by Accent Press.

To quote Jill Mansell: 'I really, really recommend this guide. Seriously, it could change your life.'

At over 300 pages, it covers all aspects of what happens after your precious baby takes its first steps into the big, wide scary world. Jane offers tips from what to wear for the book signings/parties to how to cope with 'admirers' slash 'unwanted attention' under a small section entitled 'Nutters and Weirdos'!

Oh and there are tips and anecdotes from other authors. My pearls, for what they're worth (is it really so silly to be this excited that I'm listed in the index?)can be found on pages, 217, 225 and 254!

If you want to buy Wannabe A Writer We've Heard Of?
it's only £3.50 on Amazon with free P&P.
And if you didn't read Jane's first book Wannabe a Writer? then do check it out, too.


Karen said...

Sounds great, I must order a copy :o)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Brilliant post Sue.
Definitely one for my Christmas list. :)

Ellie said...

Ooo...I have to get this book. Her first, Wannabe a Writer, sits proudly on my bookshelf.