Monday, 24 August 2009

Pussycat update

Theo's been able to come home for the night (after a day of Xrays) but is going back to the vets tomorrow when he'll undergo a Temporal Mandibular Condylectomy - in layman's terms, removal of a fused piece of bone in his lower jaw. He will stay at the vets for a few days and will be fed by tube to ensure he keeps up his fluids. They are also going to update his boosters as it's best to do this at the time to keep his immune system at its best.

Thanks to all my lovely, lovely friends for offers of support. Whether it be in the form of a donation or prayers, it's all equally appreciated! I can't thank you enough!xxx

Donations to go directly to the vets at:

Wildbore Veterinary Group
5 Newcastle St
S80 2AS
Tel:01909 472059

If you could please include a little note to say it's towards treatment for Theo Houghton, belonging to Amy Houghton.

Many, many thanks again. xxx


Julie P said...

I do hope that poor Theo will get through his op ok. I don't have any money to give but I would give it if I had. So I am going to be thinking about him instead. Give him a cuddle from me. I have two cats of my own so I know what it's like when one of them is ill.

Best wishes

Julie xx

Sue Houghton said...

That's very thoughtful of you ((Julie)) xxx

He's had his op this morning and vet seems to think he'll have 90% use of his jaw back which is a relief. But it may fuse again so might mean on-going surgery. Amy will have to try to put a little something back each month, but it's hard these days isn't it?
Thanks again x

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds as if he's going to be okay, Sue, that's good news. Must be a terrible worry for you all just the same.

My daughter's cat had his jaw smashed a few years ago and he now has a crooked smile with one fang sort of at the front of his mouth. They told her he would find eating difficult, but he's coped fine.

Hope Theo makes great progress now and doesn't need any more ops.

Julie P said...

I'mglad he got through the op okay, poor little mite I'll be thinking of him.

Julie xx