Sunday, 23 August 2009


There's been one uplifting event this weekend - the support of some lovely friends regarding my daughter Amy's cat.

Originally a rescue cat, Theo was knocked down by a car about 6 weeks ago and needed his tail amputated and other treatment which cost Amy £500. The family rallied round to help her settle the bill (she's in a decent job but, like most young people, mortgaged to the hilt)and we all thought he was on the mend but it now seems he must've sustained a broken jaw.

Amy noticed he was making a mess when he ate and on investigation, it seems his lower jaw has fused, so you can imagine that's not a good thing. He's due at the vets for an X-ray tomorrow and then they'll decide what's to be done.

Amy simply doesn't have the cash to fund another expensive op - her insurance won't cover it as it's part of his original condition and she's not on any benefits therefore doesn't qualify for charity help - so she's made an appeal on Facebook for help. So far there's been a steady flow of pledges - all money to be sent direct to the vets that way people know its kosher. If you'd like to help please don't send any cash yet until the out-come of tomorrow's meeting with the vet when she'll post again. She's hoping they'll provide some payment plan...I was going to say 'to take the sting out of the tail'.

Apologies if this seems an awful cheek but we want our little man home and well again.

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