Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Wasp Killer

So this is what an aubergine wasp killer looks like then. Not, as I'd imagined, a mutant vegetable running amok with a fly swatter, but a ceramic contraption to be filled with sugary water, then hung in the garden to keep your barbecuing sting free.

It's probably about as useful as those citronella candles that seem to attract flies rather than make them turn their noses up and go bother someone else. Mind you, I think the next thing we'll be cooking in the garden may well be chestnuts. Feels really autumnal this morning. The leaves have already started to turn and I realised yesterday evening, I'd closed the curtains by the time the signature tune to Corrie came on. Time to switch the candles and plug-ins from 'Freesia' to 'Spicy Apple & Cinnamon' me thinks!


Teresa Ashby said...

Aaahh so that's what it is.

I did worry there might be some new breed of wasp - the Aubergine Wasp - that might be lurking in our gardens and required a special killer!

It is very autumny today isn't it.

Julie P said...

Well, I say! It looks very ..... purple?!