Monday, 14 September 2009

Comp news - but not literary.

Yippee, I got an email today from GMTV advising me I'd won a prize. In a few days I'll be the proud owner of a bistro dining set, a mixed case of Caves Saint-Pierre wines, culinary herbs for wine lovers seed kit including Greek Oregano, Basil Bouquet, English Thyme, Italian Parsley and Summer Savoury seeds, an Aubergine Wasp Catcher and Alistair Sawday's B & B for Garden Lovers guide.

I enter 100's of on-line comps a month not to mention those in puzzle books and the women's mags and the only thing I've ever won is a tube of ceramic hob cleaner (I don't own a ceramic hob) and a DVD of some old TV series (probably still showing on GOLD channel) which I never watched and took straight to the charity shop! So, I'm quite thrilled despite the fact I already have outdoor furniture and summer's all but over anyway. The wine I'll stash away for Christmas - no, really, I will!

If anyone knows what an Aubergine Wasp Killer is don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise ;0)


Teresa Ashby said...

Well done you!
I'm intrigued about the aubergine wasp killer.
I think you should at least sample a bottle or three of the wine before Christmas!

Julie P said...

Well done! I never win anything! I too am fascinated by this aubergine wasp catcher thingy - you'll have to post a picture of it when you get it to put us out of our misery!

Oh yes, you must sample the wine just to make sure the quality is acceptable!


Sue Houghton said...

Thanks Teresa and Julie! Don't want to sound ungrateful, but for all I'm thrilled with the win, I'd rather have a mag sale!