Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Important Update on The Lady Fiction

Thanks to writer Paula Williams for sending me this heads up:

In the editorial in this week's Lady, Rachel Johnson, the editor, says:

"It's all my fault and last week's announcement from our Literary Editor that funeral rites are being read over The Lady short story was somewhat premature. crossed wires, I'm afraid. The short story is a much loved feature of the magazine, as is fashion and you will be finding them within our pages over the next few weeks -we are just finding the right short story and the right fashion for you."

So keep sending out those shorts!


Julie P said...

Oh dear! Definitely a lack of in-house communication eh?! Glad they're keeping it on though and I'll be sending something in soon.

Thanks for the info

Julie xx

Happy Writer said...

Good to know CPR has brought this fiction slot back from the dead - Communicate People, Right!