Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sale to report

On the very last day of the month comes a sale to Take A Break's Fiction Feast. They're buying a 2800 word Christmas story.

I don't write many seasonal stories as they normally only get one stab at a market per year if the editors are slow to read. This one I sent in August so a pretty good turnaround as it goes. If it's published in the December issue which hits the newsagents the month before, then I just might get my fee before Christmas. Here's hoping because my bank account could do with an injection of cash!

Norah McGrath (TAB editor if you don't know) also sent me a copy of their new contract to sign. I should say, new to me - apparently it came out around this time last year and I must've been missed off the list of contributors. First time I've had to sign anything for TAB, but Norah assures me:

'it has proved not at all controversial as people can still still sell on stories.'

I think I still have 2 other stories sitting in her slushpile so fingers crossed for them too, though even mentioning them has probably jinxed that possibility!


Paula Williams said...

Congratulations, Sue! A nice early Christmas present.

Julie P said...

Well done, Sue!


Olivia Ryan said...

Congrats! Great news. I've got a couple of Christmas stories out on spec so hope this is the start of the decisions being made. And good luck with the others you have at TAB. xx

Martin H. said...

Nice one Sue!

Really enjoying your blog. Humourous and useful...a heady combination!

I'll be dropping by regularly.