Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm Back

Can you believe I forgot I had this blog? I rediscovered it while lurking on someone else's blog and thought I ought to come over here and delete it. Then I thought, hang on a minute, why not bring it up to date? I'm bound to have done lots and lots of deliciously exciting things you'll want to hear about. Er, no. The sad thing is, nothing much has happened since 2007!

That's propbably not true. Okay the book hasn't sold yet, but it has attracted more than a passing interest from at least 2 agents recently ie. Both requested a full ms read and fired lots of questions beyond 'Are you currently sectioned under the Mental Health Act'.

Did I mention the book has been re-titled. Trumpets please...It is now The Cuckoo Club. And it isn't only the title which has changed. No I've edited it beyond recognition, so much so that I'm thinking of sending it out to agents I targetted years ago. Do agents have long memories? My guess is, it was so raw all those years ago that they never got beyond the first couple of pages. Yes, maybe I'll give that some more thought. What do I have to lose?

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