Thursday, 3 December 2009

We Are Not A Camera

I'm a bit of a fiddler when faced with anything technical. Let me begin by saying 'I know nothing'. Like I said, I just like to fiddle! Where's this going? Well, I managed to put together a new website as you probably know, but then wondered about doing one for Himself.
I haven't a clue how he's run a successful business for almost 30 years with such a distinct lack of advertising, save for a few runs in the local newspaper.

( "I have a good reputation, stoopid" - Himself)

Sorry about that, he's looking over my shoulder! So, two days of arguing over what should go on it I ended up with Jeff Houghton's Website

I'm sure it could be better. This is only my third bash at web building but I think it does the job for now. The problem comes with getting Google and all the other search engines to recognise it. The biggest and most annoying problem is every time anyone Googles 'Houghton's Butchers' they're directed to various websites (including eBay) glorifying the HOUGHTON BUTCHERS REFLEX CARBINE CAMERA - a rather ugly box camera thing circa 1925.

Can you tell the difference?


Martin H. said...


I was a web editor in a previous incarnation and, for what it's worth, I reckon the website looks pretty good.

As for spotting the difference, well, is it the fact that one cuts off the tops of people's heads?

Sue Houghton said...

Funny, Martin! And thanks for taking a look. Was a bit nervous of launching it but your words are very reassuring. Thanks!

Scriptor Senex said...

Not relevant to this particular post but just wanted to say I think your blog layout is brilliant!

Sue Houghton said...

Thanks for that, Scriptor!

Olivia Ryan said...

Yes, it is! (brilliant!) - I love it.

You're very clever. I can only use a DIY website thing that does it all for you (as in my website). My Olivia Ryan one was done for me - by someone as clever as you!


Sue Houghton said...

I used Moonfruit, Olivia, which IS one of those ready-made ones you just personalise. Easy once you know how!