Sunday, 29 November 2009

Woman's Weekly

Have you heard the very good news that Woman's Weekly will be putting out 10 fiction specials per year from January 2010? Here are the expected publication dates:

4th Jan
5th Feb
12th Mar
16th Apr
21st May
2nd July
13th Aug
24th Sept
29th Oct
30th Nov

I'm waiting to hear what the newest guidelines are. Meanwhile I'll be dusting off some stories in my 'Started but not finished' file...and there're an awful lot languishing in there!


Suzanne Jones said...

This is terrific news. :-)

Caroline said...

It's fab news. Jane Wenham-Jones has a column in it from January as well.

Olivia Ryan said...

Yes, it's the best news for short story writers this year! x

Julie P said...

Hurrah! Now the challenge begins!

Julie xx