Monday, 16 November 2009

Website makeover

Been fiddling about with the website, yet again. Not this one, the other one.

I'd been using Trellix site builder for some years but then tried to migrate to their new web builder with disastrous results. I lost half the content - my fault, I'm sure. But anyway, then one of my writer friends, Jill Steeples, told me about Moonfruit and how easy it was. I agree. Much easier! And I don't have to pay to get adverts removed either!

So, if you click here or on the link at the top of this page it should take you to my nice new site. Similar content to the old one, just a bit smarter..but that's only my opinion ;0)

I think I've done everything necessary to divert traffic from my old site to the new one but apparently it can take a while for it all to kick in...or whatever the techie term is. And then there's the wait for Google and other search engines to crawl all over it and gather up keywords and other important techie stuff.


Julie P said...

I shall have a look at your new site, Sue. I don't have a website - wouldn't know where to start! Not sure I'd need one at the moment as I don't have any books to sell and am not in the least bit famous in the literary world - but maybe one day (sighs!)

Julie xx

Sue Houghton said...

Go on have a go on Moonfruit, Julie - it's free and you have to start sometime with self-promotion. Just list your interests and aspirations (best selling author?)and maybe put up a short story. It's easier than it first appears, honest! x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Sue, I shall have a look in the morning when I'm more awake. I've just had a NaNo session and my bed is calling me.

Night night, may the inspiration bugs bite!

Julie xx

Janice said...

The new site looks great Sue!
I'm currently struggling to create a new website with BT Webhosting and loosing patience fast - your's looks so impressive - I mean that paperclip click link etc is fab!