Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Please vote!

There're hundreds of 'How To' books on writing out there and I think I've read most, if not all, of them. Obviously, when a writer friend pens one I'm going to buy it - I'm nice like that ;0)But seriously, Wannabe A Writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones is definitely one for the bookshelf whether you're a newbie writer or an experienced one.
To get to my point and yes, this is unashamed begging but I don't care because Jane deserves it - Wannabe a Writer? has been nominated in a little award thingy to do with independent publishers.
Please go to The People's Book Prize website and look in the non-fiction section and vote for it. Pretty please!

And even if you don't want to vote (shame on you!) you can still get more info on Jane's book here.

And there's lots more on her website here


Teresa Ashby said...

Agree with you, Sue!
Jane's book is one of the few writing books on my shelf that I'm hanging on to!

Olivia Ryan said...

I bought Jane's book for my daughter (who's also a writer) for Christmas ... wishing I'd bought it for myself now!!