Saturday, 25 July 2009

New Template

Do you like my new template? Hope so as it's taken me the best part of today to get it right...well, almost right. It still needs a little faffing with and tweaks here and there but on the whole I'm quite taken with it.

I think everything I need has been brought over from the old site. If anything's missing I'll find it and add it later.

Still having problems getting the 'followers' pane to appear but I understand it has something to do with an incompatibilty between Google Friends (or was it Google Contacts?) and the old 'followers' format. I'm probably wrong but hey-ho!


Teresa Ashby said...

I love the new look, Sue!

Sue Houghton said...

Thanks, Teresa. It took me a while but I got there in the end. I didn't even know there were extra free templates for Blogger. They're here:

If you fancy a go.

Teresa Ashby said...

Thanks for the link - there are some really great templates there - I'm seriously tempted!!

Happy Writer said...

Love the new look Sue. Coffee and a pen for writing, two of my favourite things!

Oh, I can see the 'followers' on my screen.

Sue Houghton said...

HW, Re followers, As of today (tonight actually-11pm) so can I! Hurrah! Wonder what the problem was?

Anonymous said...

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