Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Living The life of Riley

Things I've done this morning:

  • Made the beds
  • General tidy around upstairs including unblocking the loo
  • Stacked the dishwasher
  • Made breakfast for three
  • Taken Himself to work
  • Done several chores for Himself's business including driving the ten miles to the cash and carry during the school run.
  • Done the supermarket shop (Note to Tesco - over 1 billion pounds profit for half a year is heartbreaking) Girl at checkout who knows I'm a writer says, 'I wish I had time to swan around all morning. Must be great'. Resisted urge to cave in her head with the Woman's Weekly...award myself 2 Jammy Dodgers for that later!
  • Return home to vacuum downstairs and polish
  • 10 am sit down to write this in the hope it'll lift the depression!

10.15...thinking clearer now, so I'll email that invoice for the sale to a Bahrain magazine, chase up a pitch I made to Woman's Weekly and then settle down to dash off a few thousand words of my second novel. Okay...coffee time...

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