Tuesday, 3 October 2006

In A Flap

Yay...Biker Chicks, dude!

On a serious note, people are easily confused - Turkey the country or turkey the ugly bird we eat with stuffing.

Sky News report - As the migratory season begins, the risk of a deadly bird flu pandemic hitting Britain this winter is even higher than last year. Birds from Turkey - that's the country d'ya hear? - are most at risk.

Meanwhile another health source tells us to eat more turkey meat as it's is easier on the heart... as are other mainstays of the traditional Christmas feast.
In comparison to other meats, turkey -- white meat in particular -- is a better source of protein, is lower in total fat and saturated fat and has fewer calories. A three-ounce serving, for example, contains 133 calories, 25 grams of protein, 2.7 grams of total fat and slightly less than one gram of saturated fat.

So what's it to be? British farmed turkey for your Chrissie lunch or that strange looking bird sitting atop your Sky aerial who has just flown in from Turkey - the one with the heavy cold, huh?

PS. Please don't mail me to let me know you're a vegetarian and I should be damned to hell for all eternity for even mentioning I enjoy a turkey lunch (or for portraying chickens in leather - they enjoyed it okay!) - I don't give a hoot and I'm probably going to hell anyway, so save your breath. Kappish?

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