Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Is It Me?

I'm thinking of updating my laptop - got a buyer for the present one and I have a bit of cash put by from a recent sale to Woman's Weekly so I trotted off to a well-known store full of expectations. I've come home sans laptop. Why?

Because the model I wanted comes with extras such as an infra red mouse, carry case, and Norton Security - none of which I need or want, BUT I DO need Microsoft Works/Office which the model doesn't have installed.

Why, I asked, couldn't I swap the free goodies for Works?
Because that's not the deal, said the assistant.

No amount of begging would sway her so I left without making a purchase...which would have been around £600. Seems ridiculous to me when Office cost around £119 and the 'free' goodies were the same price.

Oh well, I shall search the Internet instead and when 'well-known' store moans they're having to cut staff in-store, I'll know why!


Caroline said...

To be fair, that probably wasn't her fault - stock is sold into stores as bundles and inventoried that way, there was probably no way it could have gone through their computer system without someone getting sacked for contravening company policy. Centralised buying has a lot to answer for :o(

Doll Weller said...

dell does a discount for journalists I believe - why not try them?

Robyn Savitri said...

Worked out okay in the end.
I rang the store's helpline and the guy I got was really...um...helpful. He suggested a Fujitsu for same price and spec which comes with Worksuite. Delivered free too.
One satisfied customer.

Didn't know about Dell discounts...bummer!