Friday, 13 October 2006

History Matters

Taken from the History Matters website:

History Matters - pass it on is all about raising awareness of the importance of history in our everyday lives and encouraging involvement in heritage in England and Wales. Our goal is to build public support and interest in looking after our history and heritage - today and in the future.
We know that history is something many people feel strongly about. But in the rush of our daily lives it's all too easy to take it for granted. And when it comes to the order of public priorities history is often sidelined. We urge you to join the campaign and show your support. Collectively the events taking place and opinions expressed will demonstrate the importance of history and heritage to the nation and become a unique record of our time.


Penny said...

Are you blogging onsite tomorrow? Not sure I'll be doing anything historical... hysterical, maybe!

Robyn Savitri said...

Well, I would if their website would allow me, Penny. All I get is 'Service unavailable' when I click to post my blog. Not that I have anything exciting to report, unless 'I went to the hairdressers' counts ;o(