Saturday, 14 May 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to Janice Horton for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award - the rules of acceptance are to tell you seven things about myself that you might not already know. I've had a problem thinking of 7 things that might make me sound vaguely interesting but anyway here goes 7 bits of trivia about me:

1. My first job, aged 14 and a bit (I lied and said I was 16 and the boss never checked) was stacking shelves in a local supermarket two nights a week and all day Saturday for the princely sum of £2 8sh and 6d. Even in the late 60's this was lousy pay! My co-workers and I deliberately damaged packets of biscuits (KitKats were favourite) so we could buy them cheap. Can you blame us?

2. After leaving school I worked for an engineering firm making conveyor belts for the mining industry. What I mean is, I was a secretary there. I wasn't hands-on with tangential chain rollers and integrated pneumatics. My first task was to type out a tender for a million pound contract with British Coal. I only had Stage One RSA in shorthand and typing and it took me half the afternoon. The company didn't get the contract and later went bust. I've definitely used this experience more than once in a short story.

3. I'm related to Willy Shakespeare. Yes, I know it sounds unlikely. Go take it up with, okay!

4. I can complete a Rubik's cube.

5. I can't spell.

6. This morning I sat down with my laptop to complete a 15 minute test for early signs of dementia....and forgot why I'd opened the laptop. Absolutely true, I swear!

7. I can butcher. Not in the serial killer sense. Husband and I have owned our own business for almost 30 years. The Press had a great time taking the Mick here.

And now I'll pass on the award to seven wonderfully versatile bloggers. Please accept your awards by copying the logo above and listing seven things about yourselves before passing the award on.

And remember, if you want anything spatchcocked, I'm your girl!

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Janice Horton said...

Dear Saucy Sue - what a lovely start to a Sunday it is to read your seven things - wunderful stuff - and Im so glad you can't spell 'cos neifer can I and somehow I find that to be a grate cumfort.
Love, Juicey Jan xx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Now I really liked (and identified with) that dementia one!