Friday, 14 January 2011

Festival of Writing

Here are a few details about the Festival of Writing at York University 25--27 March.
Sue Moorcroft has blogged about it but the highlights are:

Breaking news:
- US agent Marcy Posner is joining from over the pond and taking one-to-ones
- Writers Workshop will be offering “next steps” free to three
writers at the Festival who are talent spotted. The writers will be
offered a free manuscript critique, free coaching or a free manuscript
appraisal from Harry Bingham.
- Harper Collins Authonomy are supporting Authonomy Live talent
contest on Friday evening, with editor Patrick Janson-Smith on the
panel. Last years winner, Shelley Harris was offered representation by
4 literary agents in the room, and then went on to achieve a 5 figure
book deal.

For more details look on the Festival of Writing website

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