Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Lady

Anyone catch the new editor, Rachel Johnson (author of The Mummy Diaries...and Boris Johnson's sister), being interviewed this morning? She's the 9th in their 124 year history.

They're vamping up the mag but seems fiction has been dropped. She didn't say as much but I managed to get hold of a few recent issues and fiction was absent. I only ever sold them one story and that was a while ago. I admit I didn't especially target them as the pay wasn't that great, but still we can't afford to lose another outlet.

I got a rejection today from Norah at Take A Break. Funnily enough I'd chased a couple of submissions sent before this one (August)last week and hadn't heard anything back. No doubt my letterbox will be flapping again tomorrow with more rejects.


Julie P said...

Commiserations on the rejection and it's sad another outlet has given up fiction. I never submitted to them - but it's still a worry.
Julie xx

Karen said...

I did see that interview - I like Rachel Jones and think she'll be good for the magazine, but it's a shame they've dropped the fiction slot.

I got a rejection from Norah today too - the postman managed to battle through the snow to deliver it!

Sue Houghton said...

Not sure I like this quote from her:

Inside, there will be fewer short stories, gardening features and articles about exhibitions. Instead, we’ll concentrate on good reads – more hard-hitting and edgy pieces by well-known writers.

So our short stories weren't good reads? What does she consider a well-known writer? Those with novels to plug, I suppose. Tsk!

Karen said...

Ooh, that is annoying. I think I've just gone off her!

Olivia Ryan said...

Just raising my hand to join this week's TAB-Rejects.They must be having another clearout! I've adapted it and sent it elsewhere already, but am I EVER going to get an acceptance from TAB!

And yes - worrying news about The Lady, although like Julie, I'd never actually submitted to them. Sounds like now we never will. :(