Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Martin Lewis on punctuation

I've long been a fan of Martin Lewis, the money saving expert off the telly. I follow his blog, subscribe to his newsletters and watch him whenever he appears on GMTV. I've taken his advice on a couple of occasions the last time being over getting insurance for my new mobile phone...I did mention my new Nokia 5800 whizz-bang didn't I?

Anyway, found this post on his blog regarding that naughty little apostrophe and I have to say I agree with him on its use in this instance ie when a word ends in an 's'. What are your views?

Just a minute my hard drive is making funny noises - I'm installing Nokia Music for my new Nokia 5800 - I did mention my new phone didn't I? ;0)


Happy Writer said...

Personally I prefer s' not s's it just looks 'right'. Since language is constantly evolving can't grammar too?

Sue Houghton said...


Paula Williams said...

It's one that always causes me a headache, too, having the surname Williams.

Susan Alison said...

Crikey - the words just blurred before my eyes at the crucial point - just what was that phone again, Sue??

Honeysuckle said...

As a rule I'd go with the Lewis's option but agree it would look horrible as a title line, so I'd have called it 'The Martin Lewis Moneysaving Site' to save having to have the argument.
Also, I'm not sure about a grammar expert who would use a sentence starting: 'It's grammar purists who would...' or quote Wikipedia as an authority!