Tuesday, 5 December 2006

And it continues...

Time to clear out the kitchen cupboards in a pre-Christmas, pre-Spring clean. So far I've filled numerous bin liners with:
  • 4 Tupperware containers sans lids
  • Assortment of rusty metal cookware tins - why do I have 3 muffin tins?
  • 3 horrid flan dishes caked with...well, let's say, greasy.
  • 1 water purifier - cracked but saved in case it miraculously repairs itself
  • The plastic baskets to an old veg steamer - I bought a new one last year and hoped I could fit the old baskets on it so I could steam 10lb of sprouts in one go. They didn't fit but were saved anyhow. Why? I have no idea.
  • 1 plastic colander slightly melted on one side where it came into contact with a hot roasting pan
  • Various odd soup bowls circa 1980
  • Ditto mugs
  • Ditto side plates
  • Ditto egg cups (in the shape of golf balls??)
  • 2 packets of broad bean seeds, 1 packet of thyme seeds and a packet of radish seeds (plant by 1998 for best results)
  • Numerous plug-in air fresheners - because they might be a fire hazard, or so one national newspaper informs us. As I can't recall which make, I've thrown them all out in case they catch fire and burn my house down whilst I'm out buying mince pies in Sainsbury's.

Okay, off to the local tip with my sacks full of domestic waste. And I swore this Christmas would be stress free...Jingle-bliddy-bells, my a**e!


Lisa Main said...

Don't we all just love this time of year?

Penny said...

Can you come over and do a Kim and Aggie on my kitchen, please? LOL the muffin tins. Some of ours got used as paint wells way back, and I haven't liked to use them since. But this doesn't mean they've got thrown away, of course.