Sunday, 10 December 2006

Am I Bovered?

He comes into the room and looks at me. "What are you watching?"
I glance up at the TV which I'm not even aware is switched on, so engrossed am I in the latest Stephen King novel. "Dunno?" I shrug and concentrate for a while on the choristers belting out 'Silent Night'. "Christmas carols by the look of it."
He sighs heavily. "I suppose that'll be your next fad."
"Well, not being funny, nor nuffin but you arty farty types tend to be either God botherers or veggies. It's only a matter of time, I guess."

Amen...and pass the collection plate!

On the writing front -
  • 2 rejections for short stories
  • 1 published in Woman's Weekly - Santa's Little Helper.
  • Sent novel to 2 more agents.


Doll Weller said...

oh blimsk, as we say in these parts. i'm a veggie and i have bothered God twice in the last few arty farty types, eh. tsk.

Lisa Main said...

yep there's nothing like sweeping generalisations!