Friday, 3 November 2006

Time flies and inflatable beds

Almost a week since a post as I've been too busy with other things like...
  • Helping hubby out in his business while staff are off sick/on holiday
  • Teaching aged parent to use a computer
  • Getting stuff together for a workshop on creative writing
  • Clearing out spare room ready for rellies turning up at weekend
  • Putting together a gas BBQ ready for Bonfire night party

With Christmas looming my thoughts turned to where I'm going to put the 4 extra people staying overnight. Usually they end up in sleeping bags on the floor but this year I've bought an inflatable bed. And not just one of those camping mattress types, oh no, this one is a queen size, raised model with an electric pump.

Thing is, I ordered it before looking up the reviews and guess what? Yep, this particular model scores 1 out of 10! Apparently it's main problem is it tends to deflate during use, which could be bothersome not to mention uncomfortable and possibly noisy. Of course, there're probably thousands of people who've bought from this manufacturer and are quite happy with their purchase (only the disgruntled tend to write reviews) but if you're passing my house on Christmas morning and you hear a rather long, rasping's not me, okay!


Doll Weller said...

you'd better warn your guests just incase they plan any, er, bouncing around, shall we say. could be a tad mortifying otherwise!

Robyn Savitri said...

You mean like leave a note on the pillow...Please don't have sex in this bed as it may result in something going floppy?
That sort of thing?